Collective effects in cavity-modified vibrational energy redistribution

How does the chemical reactivity of many molecules change when they're placed in a cavity?

Vacuum-controlled photoreactivity

Can we predict how photochemical reactivity changes with vacuum electromagnetic fields?

2D arrays of hybridized emitters

What happens when the wave functions of dipole-coupled emitters arranged in 2D arrays hybridize?

Chemical reactions with nanomagnonics

How can we use the concentrated magnetic fields of nanomagnonic materials to control chemical reactions?

Defect-quasiparticle interactions

How can we engineer interactions between defects in solid-state materials and quasiparticles of the host lattice, such as excitons, phonons, and magnons?

Defects as entangled photon pair sources

Which particular defect in a solid-state material would be a good candidate for emitting entangled photon pairs?

Group theory for defects

Can we use principles of group theory to engineer the properties of defects in solid-state materials?

Quantum biology

Can biological systems manifest properties rooted in quantum physics?